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" At the end of the day, we are

building fleets that impact lives..."


Our dedicated team is here to right fit your needs for you. Like a well tailored suit, our builds are custom fitted to meet your business needs and profitability. 

     - Owner

History of

Global Motor Coach

Same Reputation, Different Company

Global Motor Coach's Owner and Creative Designer, Randy Galbreath, originally 

started a limousine rental company La Grand Elite Limousine in 1999. By 2001,

Randy decided to branch out and sold his first Excursion Limousine.

Growth and success followed due to his honest and transparent attitude. 

"It got to the point where I couldn't keep up with the demand. I had orders way behind what the manufacturers could get to me. I decided to open up my own facility in North East PA".

Randy decided to form a company in 2005 Which was based off the initials of his 1st Company La Grand Elite, and grew from a small shop to a fully capable

manufacturing facility. Based on his experience as a Builder with the amazing company he grew, and

an Owner/Operator of La Grand Elite Limousine, he then decided to sell his company due to a business partner who did not share the same ambitious goals.  Global

Motor Coach was formed. A continuation of his vision for Bus, Coach and Shuttle distribution.

"This was never supposed to be a new company. My problem was being able to build unique buses for the overseas and domestic markets. To me, creativity was intelligence, just having fun".

Global Motor Coach is now a nimble and small team. With our combined

experiences, we are able to accomplish more with less. By keeping our

costs down, we can then pass those savings on to the customer. Ultimately

allowing your business to be more profitable. 

Global Motor Coach

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